Jet Aviation Offers Unmatched Expertise and Knowledge in the Management of Boeing Business Jets.

Boeing Business Jet Aircraft Charter

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds When Jet Aviation Professionally Manages Your Boeing Business Jet.

When you choose Jet Aviation to professionally manage your Boeing Business Jet, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – Your BBJ will be flight-ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but without the operational complexities or costs of staffing your own flight department.

Jet Aviation’s Boeing Business Jet aircraft management program enables you to fly confidently, knowing that our team of large cabin jet specialists have met or exceeded all FAA requirements for maintenance, inspections and response to service bulletins.

Our professional aircraft management include all aspects of flight handling, scheduling, dispatch and maintenance, including ground transportation and other arrangements to meet your travel needs. And because Jet Aviation’s jet charter and aircraft management services are provided on a global basis, you’ll never fly far from one of our bases of operation.

Because of our sterling reputation as Boeing Business Jet experts, an Jet Aviation managed BBJ can command a higher premium when it is put on the market to sell.

Our detailed record-keeping and our reputation for excellence in BBJ maintenance and inspections instill confidence in potential buyers who will gladly pay a premium for an Jet Aviation managed Boeing Business Jet.

In addition to meeting all FAA requirements and BBJ service bulletins, we provide the maintenance and inspections necessary to assure the safe and comfortable operation of your aircraft. Rated in the top safety categories by ARG/US, Wyvern Wingman Alliance, IS-BAO and the Air Charter Safety Foundation, you can rest assured that our people and our facilities offer you the highest level of flight safety.

The World’s Most Qualified BBJ Flight Crews

Our reputation for excellence allows us to hire the best pilots and flight attendants in the industry – we hire from the top 5% of all candidates that apply to work with us. We also oversee crew training and certification, investing in our people so they can provide you with the best flying experience possible. Crews are generally assigned to only one aircraft, thus maximizing their familiarity with its unique performance and amenities.

Enjoy Significant Revenue for Our Charter Operation

To offset the cost of ownership, your Boeing Business Jet can be placed in our world-renowned charter fleet when you are not using it. It will be flown by its designated crew and will carry only the elite VIP passengers Jet Aviation caters to. When not in use by you, your Boeing Business Jet will create significant revenue as an aviation asset. Many of our clients enjoy more than a million dollars per year in offsetting revenue.